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rainbowpress's Journal

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  • rainbowpress@livejournal.com
A semi-daily/weekly newsletter for ARASHI-related fandom. Posts will be every two to three days or whenever the maintainers have time and feel there are enough relevant links. By no means will this be a perfect newsletter, but we hope to improve as time goes on.

Contents include news/information, downloads, translations, drama-related posts and anything else that is of interest to ARASHI fans. Posts not linked to are fannishly-created content like fanfic, fanart, icons, and wallpapers, as the maintainers feel this is a difficult area to step into.

We welcome any links we may have missed! Please feel free to leave a comment if there's something you want to bring to our attention that we missed. (Or if you feel we have linked to a post of yours and you would rather we didn't, you can leave a comment for us or e-mail as at rainbowpress.newsletter @ gmail.com and we'll take it down.)

For the most part, links will be gathered from Livejournal and Vox posts, but links on other journalling/information sites are very welcome! Occasionally, linked posts may be locked (signified by an image) but only freely joinable communities will be used. No privately locked individual journals will be linked to, promise.

The scans, translations, and any other material are created by the original posters, so please respect any rules they might have before you take the content off their journals.

Moderators: beckerbell (who does all the work), darkeyedwolf (who made me do this does all the pr)